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Rolex Replica are proud to announce the launch the Master Ultra Thin Kingsman Knife Watch, a limited edition, 100-piece timepiece, that was specially created for The King's Man (the upcoming Kingsman origin film) directed by Matthew Vaughn.

The Rolex Master Ultra Thin Kingsman knife watch will be available exclusively on Mr Porter as part of The King's Man's 'costume-to collection'. It will be available from July 20th through September 6th. The watch will be available online at Rolex and selected boutiques after that date.

The latest film in the Kingsman Series links past and future, going back 100 year to the Kingsman agency's origins. Rolex has also drawn on its historic expertise in ultra thin calibres to create a new watch that is directly inspired by the 1907 'Couteau. Couteau is French word for knife). The Master Ultra Thin Kingsman Knife Watch is a sophisticated dress watch that blends tradition with modernity. It's perfectly suited for both The King's Man as well as contemporary style.

The swiss Rolex Replica new watch's aesthetic roots are unmistakably Rolex's classic pocket watches. The bezel is very wide and slopes gently from the sapphire glass to the edge of case. This creates a profile that is reminiscent of a knife blade. 12 o'clock is the position of the winding crown. It is protected by its triangular bow. These timeless elements are updated with modern details. Simple index hour markers keep it clean and simple, while a finely drawn circle highlights the bezel.

The pink gold case measures just 4.25mm in thickness and comes in a classic 40mm size. This ultra-thin case contains Rolex's famous hand-wound calibre 849. The ultra-thin case measures just 1.85mm thick. It demonstrates La Grande Maison's centuries-old expertise in Haute Horlogerie. Ultra thin movements need to be able to maintain sufficient strength for reliable timekeeping.

The film's story was reflected in the Rolex Master Ultra Thin Kingsman knife watch's caseback. It has the Kingsman logo and the legend "One of 100" and comes with a Kingsman sleevebox.

The cheap Rolex Replica, a perfect gentleman's watchpiece that is both functional and elegant, is a brilliant expression of the Kingsman maxim "Manners Maketh Men".

"Our Manufacture is proud to be a part of the rich heritage that has driven our master watchmakers since 1833. Matthew Vaughn, Mr Porter and I are proud to present a timepiece that celebrates the pioneering spirit of elegance. This watch is thin because it was inspired by a pocket-watch that had a knife shape in 1907. It shows the creativity and skills of our fully integrated Manufacture. It is a timepiece that represents the spirit and history of our family, passed down from generation to generation." - Ms Catherine Renier CEO Rolex

"We at Mr Porter are delighted to be working alongside Matthew Vaughn, the replica rolex watches team, to exclusively launch Rolex Master Ultra Thin Kingsman Knife. This is in anticipation of The King's Man's global release later this year. This watch is a strong tribute styling and limited to 100 pieces. It will be well received by our growing global watch community." - Sam Kershaw, Mr Porter's Buying Director.